Introducing Digital Latin Quarter

Digital Latin Quarter is primarily concerned with giving voice to young people, about cultivating attitudes, engendering awareness and understanding; about personal development and putting the Europe of tomorrow in the hands of the youth of today.

Using the medium of digital media production Digital Latin Quarter supports the development of responsible and informed young digital media-literate citizens and facilitates their access to the ubiquitous media channels of the virtual world for their personal development and growth. Building key competences of young Europeans to live and work as responsible, tolerant, respectful and innovative citizens in the digital age is at the heart of Digital Latin Quarter.

Over a two year period from 2011 to 2013, Digital Latin Quarter achieved the following outputs: an innovative training programme in digital media production for youth workers coupled with bespoke support learning resources; the production of a series of TV programmes led by young people; the A.C.T. Curriculum for use when working with young people; a range of media-based, interactive, guidance resources and the creation of DLQ-TV for youth engaged in the project.

For more information on the Digital Latin Quarter project, please contact Meath Partnership on +353 46 9280790 or contact your local partner.

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